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We are the leaders in design, manufacturing and support of Radio Frequency and Microwave heating systems for the medical industry

Customization is the key.

Blood bags. IV bags. Cuffs. Air mattresses. Water mattresses. Colostomy bags. Enema bags. Waste collection bags. Thermex Thermatron can custom design and engineer an RF welder or sealer system to meet even the most complex specification. That includes the strict specifications and compliance requirements of the medical industry.

Our radio frequency inline presses are built for medical manufacturing

Test and evaluate your medical products and applications!

Use our dedicated RF or microwave units to test a wide variety of materials and processes at little or no cost to you, to evaluate your product’s suitability for microwave or RF welding/sealing. If the process proves viable, we can provide specific equipment information, recommendations, and pricing for review.

Let us build one for you

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